• Technology Management and Associate Positions:  We provide interim CTO/CIO (Chief Technology/Information Officer) Services as well as assist in interviewing potential technology candidates.

  • Audit, advise and source current as well as future technology needs.

We offer hourly rates and discounted rates on monthly service contracts.  Each monthly plan is customized to your business so if you're interested in a service contract, please contact us and we'll figure out what makes the most sense for you.

Business Consulting.  With 10+ years in corporate Information Technology Management we provide the following services:

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  • Repairs of desktops and laptops, including virus removal.

  • Training: One on one or in small groups.

  • Help, spec and purchase, a new computer (desktop/laptop/tablets).  Find you the best new computer for your needs.  Everyone has different needs and we make sure you get what you need for the best value, in your budget.  We don’t sell computers, and don’t get kickbacks or payments of any kind, from any computer companies so we can be objective and get you what you need, again, within your budget.

  • Smartphones: Help you pick one, and set it up, according to your needs: Android, iPhone, Windows, BlackBerry's or standard feature phones.

  • Email: From Microsoft Office 365 to Gmail and AOL.  We can help with whatever your needs are.

  • Networking: Setup and troubleshooting of networking, wired and wireless. 

  • Want to work from home or the road?  Setup the ability to access a computer from anywhere.

  • Backups: Make sure you have a good reliable system, again, within in your budget.

  • Perform regular preventative maintenance to ensure network reliability and security.  This includes all necessary updates.

At GetEasyComputerHelp.com we have been providing technology support for more than 28 years, 18 of those years in Broward County.  We pride ourselves in the fact that we show up, and show up on time, work quickly, and do quality work. 

We offer the same level of service to everyone from a small to medium size company with servers and a lot of workstations (Windows & Apple) to a 1-2 person residential client needing help printing or setting up email, everyone gets and deserves the same level of service.

​Just some of the things we offer include:

With 26+ years in the Information Technology Business, we have seen and fixed most problems we encounter and can handle your technology needs.  We come to you, on your schedule, show up on time, and make it as painless for you as possible.   We understand the stress a broken computer can cause, so we do our best to take the stress out of it.

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