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Help!!  I'm Infected! I'm not sure if it's malware, spyware, or a virus. Actually I'm sure you don't care, just fix it! So, here's a few things to try.

First, I'd suggest you run Malwarebytes, and just click here to install the FREE version of Malwarebytes.com. It's certainly worth paying for. It will/should pop up with Run or Save (depending on if you're using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. Ultimately you just want to RUN and install it.

NOTE about the install of Malwarebytes. To get the FULL FREE version, make sure you read each page before clicking Next, and UNCHECK "Enable Free Trial..." If you leave the free trial checked, it will expire in 14 days or you will have to purchase it. It's a great buy. Also during big updates, watch for this too. If you mistakenly leave it checked and it expires unless you pay, again paying is good to help support a great company with a great product, but you can run these instructions to get the free version back again.
See the image here to know what to uncheck.
Next a System Restore from Safe Mode may reverse out your infection easily, without losing any data. Click here for easy to follow installation Instructions for each version of Windows.

Run a Full or BootTime Scan in Avast (www.Avast.com)

Click HERE for more things to try

Tech Support Phone Numbers. Open 24/7/365 here are a few numbers that might help too.
​ Dell: (800) 456-3355
HP (800) 474-6836
AT&T/BellSouth: (888) 321-2375
​ Comcast: (800) COMCAST