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Got an email and not sure it's real?  Be aware that sometimes you can get an email from a friend or family member that could contain a virus or malware.  If you're unsure, send them an email and ask, a new email don't reply. Lots of fake emails have a link in it.  Look at the link and see if it looks legit.  One more thing, you can open it on your phone or tablet and keep your computer safe.  If it is a virus, it's most likely a Window virus and won't hurt your phone or tablet.

Here's how to report and recognize fraud emails.

Bank of America:                                                    American Express:            

Wells Fargo: Learn to Recognize Fraudulent Emails                                            CitiBank:



Have GoDaddy email?  Here's how to set it up for each of the following Operating Systems. All have video's and step by step "How To's" to make it very easy

Having Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 issues, here's a great resource from Microsoft

Safe Mode: How to, for Windows 8 and Windows 10.  From  A great website for tips

Best Practices to Protect yourself from Malware and Viruses

How to create a shortcut on your desktop

List of Keyboard Shortcuts

Test your Internet Speed

Think your computer has an infection? Here's some tips


Plans starting at $71a year.  From a simple mistake, malicious ransomware, malware, viruses, or hard drive failure, you could lose all your emails, photos, and documents, as well as all files on your computer forever, or have to spend thousands of dollars trying to recover them.  Carbonite Computer Backup gives you peace of mind knowing your files and photos are backed up safely to the cloud.

Do you want to check your service(s) for an outage?  You can check the status of your phone carrier, cable TV, GoDaddy, as well as other services that monitor for outages.

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