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You have Windows 8 and want to reset or restore your computer?  Here's how....

​1. Pull over the “charms” on the right (to get to settings): Press the Windows Key (hold it) and press C
(First image at the bottom of this page)

2. Click Settings then Change PC Settings at the bottom (middle image)
3. Click Update and Recovery
(right image)

4. Click Recovery Under Advanced Startup,
5. Then Click Restart
6. The computer will restart.  If anything comes up and says it’s still running, click Restart Anyway 
7. When it restarts, click Troubleshoot
8. Click Advanced Options
9. Click System Restore

Note: After reviewing the stability of your system, you can choose another restore point or undo this restoration. Just open System Restore and make the appropriate choice. After you use System Restore, you'll have an additional task, Undo my last restoration, on the System Restore Welcome page. Remember that you'll have to reinstall any programs that were installed after the restore point.